Jonathan is a visionary surrealist. Since childhood he refused to stay in the lines of his colouring books which developed his creative skills
and evolved his style. Constantly looking to “do things for the first time” has persuaded his artistic gift into believing it’s the last day on earth.
Pleasure and spirituality has been absorbed into his creative side as if Kama Sutra has possessed his artistic abilities enhancing the
excitement for everyone.

This new outlook and a family of mediums such as acrylic, oil, charcoal, pencil, ink and the Adobe’s have appeared on the cover of Futureale
Magaazine, Slice Network, Juxtapoz Magazine, Ozarts Art & Culture blog, Hyundai's ad campaign, CTV news, SNAP newspaper, Children's
Wish Foundation flyers and other charity organization ads, newsletters/newspapers, concert banners, club ads, residential/commercial walls,  
and more! The experiences attained to this point are crumbs in contrast to what he will cater to our world.

Nickname: Jonafun, Hyde, Timberlake
Background: Half a cup of Italian, the other half is 3 parts English, 2 parts Spanish and a pinch of Scottish

Art & Design: Drawing, Painting, Creating         
PC/MAC: Adobe Suite, Microsoft Suite, Sketchup Pro, FL Studio, Solitaire & Calculator :)

Free time: Spending time with friends & family, reading, writing
Hobbies: Pool, darts, poker, RC helicopters         Fitness: Dancing & mild exercise
Learning: Harmonica         Relaxation: Photography, movies, bubblebaths

>>>FAVOURITE (to name a few)
Colours: Lime Green and anything desaturated         Bands/Artists: Zeppelin, Beatles, Metallica
Movies: Once upon a time in the West (1968), Cinderella Man, Dawn of the Dead (1978), Labyrinth,
Beetlejuice, Ed Scissorhands, Big Lebowski, Shawshank Redemption, Pursuit of Happiness
Shows: Dexter, Breaking Bad, Seinfeld, Leave it to Beaver
Actors: Walken, Eastwood, DeNiro, Freeman, Smith, Liotta
Directors: Sergio Leone, Tim Burton, Jim Henson, Tarantino
Magazines: Men's Health & GQ
Snacks: Bananas, Apples, Brussel Sprouts and Nutella on a spoon
Drinks: Water with a punch of lemon juice, apple juice & Green Tea
Cars: I'm really into muscle cars mostly. '66 Grand Prix, Chevelle (70,71), Impala (58-64),
Camaro (67-71), AMC Javelin (69, 74), any Challenger/Vette, El Camino (70, 87), 76 Buick Grand National,
'82 Countach, '70 Charger